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A mobile phone is a large part of your  life and with today's technology is not only used as a mobile phone but also used for texting, browsing the web, calendar, emails and other functions as well.

When you loose that connection with the world just at that all important time of buying your new home, it can be extremely frustrating to find your phone is no longer working so cannot receive the call you have been waiting for. That's where we step in.

We here are experts, specialising in repairing mobile phones of all types of manufacturers and are able to give our customers the best service around.

When Your Mobile Phone Is Broken

Your mobile phone can sometimes put up with a lot of wear and tear but on the odd occasion and with the slightest knock can cause the worst damage. When you damage your mobile phone it is always a shock and upsetting and that is why we here at LCD Doctor are here to help.

We offer high quality professional services right at your door and in the local area. We cover a large variety of manufacturer repairs to any type of model, nothing is too much trouble.

If you are looking for a specific repair but cannot see it on the website do not panic, this doesn't mean we cannot repair.

To get your repair quote simply fill out the blank form and our team will contact you with your instant repair quote.

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Our Repairs and How They Work

All of our repairs are dealt with on an individual basis as all faults can be different even if they are the same device. Upon receiving your mobile phone into our repair centre our technicians shall perform an assessment on the phone to ensure the correct repair option has been selected.

Should there be any changes we will contact you to discuss this. Our repairs are all completed in our high specification centre where all of our technicians are highly trained for all kinds of repairs. We do our up-most to ensure you are not without your mobile phone for too long knowing this to be your main source of communication.

Listed are the types of manufacturers we cover:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry (RIM)
  • Nokia
  • HTC

To receive your repair quote simply fill out the form to the left and our team will contact you with your quote.


What We Repair

Our repair centre covers a large variety of repairs that that we find most common to our customers:

  • Battery Replacements
  • Screen Repairs
  • Display Repairs
  • Speaker Repairs
  • Charging Port Repairs
  • Power Button Repairs
  • Volume Button Repairs
  • Headphone Jack Repairs
  • Touch Screen Repairs

These are just a handful of the main repairs our technicians complete on a daily basis but this is not everything. We offer a large amount more of different repairs so anything throw at us we are sure to repair.
Get your repair quote by simply filling out the form above and our team will instantly contact you.

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To get a quote on the repair of your mobile phone just fill out the form that is on the page. Remember to include a breif description of what the fault with your mobile phone is along with the make and model of it. 

We will then contact you to provide you with you repair quote and the best way to get your phone into our repair centre


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